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The Empire State - Metro New York Chapter covers NY, NJ, and CT.

Our parent organization, AMWA, is a non-profit organization serving the United States and Canada. AMWA provides numerous activities for individuals in medical communication. Tailored for the professional developments of its members, these activities include meetings/conferences, career postings, publications, and continuing education workshops.

AMWA-NY, also known as the Empire State Metropolitan New York Chapter of AMWA, comprises approximately 600 members.  Our chapter covers New York State as well as Northern New Jersey and Fairfield County, Connecticut. AMWA headquarters automatically assigns its members to the local chapter that encompasses their geographical location. So if you’re a member of AMWA and live in the areas mentioned above, you are also an AMWA-NY member.

AMWA-NY has a diverse membership ranging from editors to PR professionals, CME and regulatory writers, as well as writers and editors at leading hospitals and medical centers. This is because two important centers of the medical writing profession are in our region. Our chapter includes New York City, which is the national center of the media, publishing, and healthcare communications fields. In addition, many of our members stem from northern New Jersey, the center of the pharmaceutical industry. Hence, we are able to draw upon a wide cross-section of membership, which makes for lively and informative programs and networking events.